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Detective Constables - Investigative Services


Job Details

The Surrey Police Service (“SPS”) is bringing an era of modern and progressive policing to Surrey. We are a community-based policing service that is at the forefront of public safety. We are committed to meeting our city’s unique priorities and building a team that reflects the communities we serve. Help us build a new community-based police service that will support one of the fastest growing and diverse cities in Canada.

Throughout their career, Constables will have opportunities to serve in more than one SPS Bureau.  SPS is currently hiring Detective Constables to join the Investigative Services Bureau in several different Teams.

We are looking to fill positions for Detective Constables with the Investigative Services Bureau in the following sections:

  • Proactive Enforcement Team (Prolific Offender) Target Enforcement Team (Tactical Surveillance, Uniform Gang Enforcement) and Organized Crime Team (Drug Enforcement, Intelligence, Covert Asset Support Team)
  • Major Crime (Serious Crime, Missing Persons, Frontline Investigative Support; and Special Investigations - Sex Crimes, Intimate Partner Violence, Sophie's Place, Internet Child Exploitation)

Detective Constables work in partnership with stakeholders, front line officers, and other policing agencies (including Integrated Teams), to address complex criminal matters through evidence gathering and analysis through the deployment of a range of conventional and covert investigative techniques.

This role carries legal powers to enable the maintenance of law and order and carries responsibility for making decisions in accordance with the BC Police Act, exercising professional discretion, as appropriate to the role, in line with legal frameworks, and SPS policing guidelines.

Constables are required to meet and maintain the highest professional standards required of their role, by conducting all actions in a legal, ethical, and justifiable manner to uphold the law and achieve the best outcomes in a wide range of situations/incidents.   

SPS’s Constables model the mission, vision, and values of SPS through unquestioned integrity and through sustaining a visible, credible, inclusive, and respected profile. They have a strong work ethic and are committed to a community-based policing model that looks beyond immediate issues and searches for realistic longer-term answers to complex community and social issues and emerging risks and trends.

Employment Status

Regular Full Time

Please ensure you clarify in your cover letter the Team(s) to which you are applying and outline relevant skills and experiences.


As a plainclothes or uniformed investigator, develop and implement strategies for gathering information and evidence relating to criminal investigations, conduct interviews, examine records, draft judicial authorizations, conduct surveillance, and performance electronic file management and disclosure.

Work with civilian employees engaged in analysis and review, and disclosure of information and evidence relating to criminal investigations.

Provide initial and ongoing response to a wide range of incidents that may include complex and confrontational situations, assessing risk, threat, and harm to determine a proportionate response in line with the law, policy and guidance.

Effectively engage with victims, witnesses, suspects, and vulnerable persons, in accordance with equality, diversity, and human rights considerations.

Conduct effective and efficient priority, voluminous, or complex investigations as requested in line with Major Case Management principles.  

Gather and handle information, intelligence, and evidence, from a variety of sources, in line with legislation, policies and guidance, taking the appropriate action to support investigations and criminal justice proceedings.

Support the exploration of new ways of working and innovation in policing, applying critical thinking and problem-solving methodologies to identify solutions to problems in line with evidence-based practice within area of work.

Understand and support the Bureau’s priorities and opportunities while working toward the long-range visions of the SPS.

Support and foster a respectful and inclusive workplace.


  • An Experienced Officer as defined in the BC Provincial Policing Standards.
  • More than 3 years of exemplary police service, with related training/experience.
  • Up to date and current on all mandatory force options training requirements with their current police department.
  • Progressive education in a related field or equivalent work experience, supplemented by certifications and training demonstrating a track record of continuous development.
  • Currently or formerly, assigned on a full-time basis to one or more of the following investigative units/teams: major or serious crimes, general investigations, homicide, sexual offences, domestic violence, power-based crimes, robbery, organized crime, gang enforcement, property crime, drugs/weapons trafficking, financial crimes, technology/cyber crimes, criminal intelligence, surveillance. 
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: file coordination, major case management, legal applications, covert investigations, surveillance, source handling, forensic interviewing.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to document effectively, set out information clearly, meeting the needs of different audiences.
  • Strong teamwork skills demonstrating awareness of individual differences.
  • Strong ethics and a demonstrated history of professionalism.
  • Able to proactively develop effective working relationships with the community, colleagues, and other stakeholders, understanding their needs and concerns.
  • Able to manage conflict and defuse difficult situations.
  • Able to review and reflect on own performance objectively and to take steps to maintain and enhance competence and professional standards appropriate to the role.
  • Skilled in the use of standard IT packages, systems and/or databases to fulfil role requirements.
  • Demonstrated experience in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Able to obtain and maintain the required level of security clearance.

The following education is an asset:

  • Degree, graduate degree, or recent professional development in a related field. 

This is an operational role so the successful candidates must:

 Be able to work shifts (including extended workdays (10+ hours) and rotating schedules), fully operational and fit for duty. This includes the following abilities and requirements:

  • Licensed and able to operate a Police vehicle and attend calls for service.
  • Qualified and able to use issued force options as and when required (i.e. baton, OC, firearm).
  • Trained and able to engage the public in a variety of circumstances, including physical contact, if required.
  • Able to wear protective equipment, including body armour.
  • Be available to be on call as required to support operations.

Conditions of Employment

  • Successful Applicants must obtain and maintain the required level of Security Clearance.
  • Successful applicants must provide proof of qualifications.

Our Values

Values of Honour, Integrity, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Inclusiveness guide how we serve our residents, engage with our community, and work with each other to keep our community safe. These values are the foundation of our commitment to deliver excellence in policing services to Surrey's citizens.